Exhibition in London/Inoue Brothers 2009 (Youtube link)
Exhibition at Hz gallery in Copenhagen/Inoue Brothers 2008
Exhibition at the Castellani Art Museum
Images of Jean Michel Basquiat
Mudd Club images with music stream
Various colab with Rammellzee and Death Comet Crew
Death Comet Crew in Amiens France Oct 06
Nomi at Union Pool In Brooklyn 6/10/07
8/28/07 MC Sai and High Priest, Ropongi Japan
On the Beach in Japan 08/11/07
Priesthood 3 at Saloon in Daikanyama, Tokyo 08/12/07
Nicolini Hats!! Velour Rude Boys!!!
Listen to a few samples from PASSION AND DANGER
See clips from his TV cult classic"Where's My Cut?"
Tonecut link up
DJ High Priest aka: Nick Taylor
Sunglasses by THIRD EYE
Traditional Japanese wedding menswear
"Pure White Light" is a DJ High Priest mix
Image of House Finch birds above are part of the DJ's collection


"GRAY", the band that featured Jean-Michel Basquiat, Michael Holman, Justin Thyme (aka: Wayne Clifford), Vince Gallo and Nick Taylor, was a very expressive band and a unique part of the New York City underground "No Wave" music scene 1979-81. Reformed with original members Michael and Nick and icluding samples from Jean-Michel, Justin and other guests, their recent release,. "Shades Of..." is now out on the Plush Safe Records label and also available on Itunes. Gray performed 2 sets at the New Museum in New York City on July 21, 2011! They have more gigs lined up for 2021, see their web site address on the top of this page!

contact: mail@djhighpriest.com

Please check out Gray, the band which included Jean-Michel Basquiat, Michael Holman and DJ High Priest on their website at Plush Safe Records