Drum Loop X

Performed by Nicholas Taylor

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Mudd Club Fashion Show 1979 Image

Photo and music copywrite Nicholas Taylor

The shows at the Mudd Club were always nice and short actually so there was plenty of time to dance on the first floor. Walter Durkacz was favorite DJ there. Unlike today, a DJ back then would have to play from maybe 10pm to 4am! He had an eclectic style of throwing down vynil fresh out of the UK or oldies with very good beats like "69 Tears", Dub, Soul, Ramones, No-Wave etc., and he was very good! In between bands most nights an intriguing Haitian Rasta with massive dred-locks, Manny was always there, it was a very active corner! Lot's of well dressed Rasta's from the Dirty Harry connection were there most nights. These very interesting Rasta's also played futball near the Washington Square Fountain and sold really good splif!
Washington DC 20013
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