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We would go around the club and meet back near the stage. In that corner of the club when you could still smoke in clubs, there was almost a complete thick fog of vapors surrounding Manny's head and dreds! Was this just another good day? And does time become even better in the years to come? We could not see the forest for the trees so to speak and our optimism was so rooted in the moment! The romance, the attraction to this time is really rooted in our way of life. The East Villager's were like pioneers in the '70s, living and scoring, being tough in your own way to get through the gauntlet of boom boxes and kids on the take.

Dangerously it was 4am and running away from a Latin looking man that a minute ago had you cornered, flashing a razor Both us were on opposite sides of a trash can, going back and forth chaesed around the can, he with a razor and me with out!

At Attorney Street thrown around the corner, look up to see a man with a baseball bat and being held there by 2 others. The man gives me a little tap on the cheek and I fainted and fell as they went through my pockets.

Contrast this with the year 2000 and you couldn't dance in a bar because of the "Caberet Law" and new condos being built on the Lower East Side where 30 years ago you got rolled by a group of junkies. Today the Lower East Side at the corner of Orchard Street and Stanton Street is probably one of the best shopping areas in Manhattan. Tourists go there now! In 1980 you couldn't really wonder around here after dark, too dangerous. I live there since that time.

Mudd Club NYC 1979

photo and music copywrite Nicholas Taylor

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