Gorilla X

The Music of Nicholas Taylor


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David McDermott travels in time to his ever beloved self in early 20th century. He would show up most nights in his impeccable suits and hats that did date from that era. He was another wonderful soul who made the Mudd Club what it was, a conglomoration of crazy characters that all had disfunctional problems and at the same time were geniuses in their way of life. All had inner problems of some sort. Insecure but great musicians or self indulgent but great artists or madly insane and androgyinous enough to be charismatic. So many combos of weak and strong characters made up the place every night. Watch mini-celebrities all over. Handsome, ugly, gorgeous or plain retarded looking, it didn't matter because faith that the person next was cool and perhaps could begin now in an adventure into the sordid side of downtown NYC.

David McDermott at the Mudd Club NYC 1979

Photo and music copywrte Nicholas Taylor

Washington DC 20013
High Priest mix em up 1
Drum Loop X
High Priest mix em up 2
1982 Music for Basquiat Party
The Tainted History Mix
Dirty Harry vs High Priest
Early Tape Experiment 1
High Priest mix em up 3
Maze Koze
Counting Quasars
It's Nicholas
The Diamond Rings
Gorilla X
Early Tape Experiment 2
Early Tape Experiment 3
Jerry Lewis
Loop #5
Oh Jean
Willy's Loop
New York City Birds Song
Las Vegas Caught Fire