Early Tape Experiment

The Music of Nicholas Taylor


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Girls galore! This was the time right before AIDS/HIV hit. The gay and straight population did not know what was coming. Somehow there was a need to play hard. Different partner everynight almost. The playing at the Mudd Club was part of this playground of promiscuous field. Rocks off before the big dark cloud of desease and Repuclicanism came. The Democratic president (Carter) would soon be replaced by Ronald Reagan and the US would invade Grenada. Hip Hop would also change fashion for ever as thrift shop suits were turning into slick jogging suits on the second floor of the Mudd Club right before our eyes. Everything was beginning to change and a new kind of aesthetic was bubbling in the midst! The bunch of cool characters at the Mudd was flocking away and a new breed of Bridge and Tunnel rockers were taking over! Saturday night looking for a friend.

The Mudd Club 1979

Photo and music copywrite Nicholas Taylor

Washington DC 20013
High Priest mix em up 1
Drum Loop X
High Priest mix em up 2
1982 Music for Basquiat Party
The Tainted History Mix
Dirty Harry vs High Priest
Early Tape Experiment 1
High Priest mix em up 3
Maze Koze
Counting Quasars
It's Nicholas
The Diamond Rings
Gorilla X
Early Tape Experiment 2
Early Tape Experiment 3
Jerry Lewis
Loop #5
Oh Jean
Willy's Loop
New York City Birds Song
Las Vegas Caught Fire