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Michael Holman was a driving force at the Mudd Club. His Soul Parties were the most interesting parties of the club's era. The second floor was transformed into a big soul brother's pad complete with thick fake fur carpets and a bed that only the smoothest of soul brother could have. He had black lights and cool posters from that era as well. For a week or two he took over the club. Michael was also (and still is) a great dancer. In the pic to the right he is in the middle of his Jerry Lewis dance and he could also do James Brown steps extremely well! He in the band, Michael is a true genius that is non stop on high adrenaline, out to change the world into one hip place. He was the first man to use the term "Hip Hop" in writing in an article in the East Village Eye as early as 1982. His influence as an original player in the early Hip Hop days is vastly underrated.

Michael Holman at The Mudd Club 1979

Photo and music copywrite Nicholas Taylor

Washington DC 20013
High Priest mix em up 1
Drum Loop X
High Priest mix em up 2
1982 Music for Basquiat Party
The Tainted History Mix
Dirty Harry vs High Priest
Early Tape Experiment 1
High Priest mix em up 3
Maze Koze
Counting Quasars
It's Nicholas
The Diamond Rings
Gorilla X
Early Tape Experiment 2
Early Tape Experiment 3
Jerry Lewis
Loop #5
Oh Jean
Willy's Loop
New York City Birds Song
Las Vegas Caught Fire