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Jean-Michel Basquiat plays the claranet in the band called Gray.The manic sound and noise oriented band was named by Jean-Michel after Gray's Anatomy, a book that his mother had given him as a child. The endless nature of Jean-Michel's creative abilities is a mystery as he was on a streak of such magnitude. He didn't seem to light up a room like some geniuses might, his light was more subtle as you kind of had to talk with him and soon realize the wonderful man inside his amazing self! All to himself there was a secret inside that will never be completey known. His dimensionality was very extreme but really like all of us, he only had himself in the end. He knew his life would be short so he had to live as fast as he could and if that meant staying up all night and getting stoned to help his energy then that is what he would do. Jean painted all the early paintings when he had a loft at 101 Crosby Street. Fortunate to be a close confidant. So many of the famous paintings from the early days of '81-'84 are etched into the memory like a moving picture show. Underneath many of the paintings from back then, there is another paintng which he eventually painted over usually the next day. He would "block out" maybe 75% of the original painting, maybe just leaving a random hand or a jaw or an eye here and there. These under paintings were painted over and over. The earlier underpaintings were in themselves very extroardinary and thrilling to see in all their simplicity!

Jean-Michel Basquiat and Shannon Dawson 1979

Photo and music copywrite Nicholas Taylor

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