Oh Jean

Collaboration wth Nomi Ruiz

The Music of Nicholas Taylor and Nomi


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I am so glad I snapped this photo of Jean! Not many images of him portray his happy side. We went to the Mudd almost every night and this night was after we rehearsed for Gray. For me, hanging with Gray was an experience that I will always remember. Wayne, Michael and Jean were living so much on a string that could snap at any moment. The boys were extreme in their actions and danger was around every corner. Like the time Jean and I were tagging doorways with magic markers walking down Christie Street and an unmarked car of cops stopped us and threw our heads on the trunk of the car and asked for ID's. We were lucky because as the police were checking us out they got a priority call and left us in a hurry and taking our markers they said "If I ever catch you around here again..."

Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Mudd Club 1979

Photo and music copywrite Nicholas Taylor

Washington DC 20013
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