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Animated Trailer for the film The Radiant Child
The Radiant Child traiiler
The above video is the original trailer for Tamra Davis' film and features Nicholas' photo at 1 min 42 seconds

At 17 seconds appears NT's image of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Shown photos throughout the world. Of late: May, 2010. 5 images for the Beyeler Foundation in Basel Switzerland for the Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective. In Tamra Davis' film "The Radiant Child" he is interviewed and shows 10 photos. Also music of Gray with original members Michael Holman and Nicholas gets credit for 2 tracks in the soundtrack. One man exhibition: Jean-Michel Basquiat Through Nicholas Taylor by The Inoue Brothers at the Saint Martin's Lane Hotel storefront gallery in London, Oct/2009 (book/clothng line in Com de Garcon's Dover Street Market). In the video above Nicholas' photo is the first image of Jean and gives way to Andy Warhol's photo of Jean in the animated trailer for the movie Radiant Child

Exhibition in London/Inoue Brothers 2009 (Youtube link)
Exhibition at Hz gallery in Copenhagen/Inoue Brothers 2008
Exhibition at the Castellani Art Museum
Images of Jean Michel Basquiat
Mudd Club images with music stream
Death Comet Crew in Amiens France Oct 06
Nomi at Union Pool In Brooklyn 6/10/07
8/28/07 MC Sai and High Priest, Ropongi Japan
On the Beach in Japan 08/11/07
Priesthood 3 at Saloon in Daikanyama, Tokyo 08/12/07
Various colab with Rammellzee and Death Comet Crew
Nicolini Hats!! Velour Rude Boys!!!
Listen to a few samples from PASSION AND DANGER
See clips from his TV cult classic"Where's My Cut?"
Tonecut link up

From 01/08/10 Tokyo: two clips in this corner are from an incredible night at Le Baron de Paris in Aoyama, where Tokyo rapper from Third Eye: Ragga G freestyled over DJ High Priest and also featuring Ricola singer extroardinaire who on the video to the right springs sonically into the jam! Sai of Third Eye is controller of the Camera and designs Nicholas' glasses! MC Dice can be heard on the above video by Ricolavoyage.